idb.filesystem.js - Bringing the HTML5 Filesystem API to More Browsers

The HTML5 Filesystem API is a versatile API that addresses many of the uses cases that the other offline APIs don’t. It can remedy their shortcomings, like making it difficult to dynamically caching a page. I’m looking at you AppCache!

My ♥ for the API is deep–so much so that I wrote a book and released a library called filer.js to help promote its adoption. While filer aims to make the API more consumable, it fails to address the elephant in the room: browser support.

Introducing idb.filesystem.js

Today, I’m happy to bring the HTML5 Filesystem API to more browsers by releasing idb.filesystem.js.

idb.filesystem.js is a well tested JavaScript polyfill implementation of the Filesystem API intended for browsers that lack native support. Right now that’s everyone but Chrome. The library works by using IndexedDB as an underlying storage layer. This means any browser supporting IndexedDB, now supports the Filesystem API! All you need to do is make Filesystem API calls and the rest is magic.


I’ve thrown together two demo apps to demonstrate the library’s usage. The first is a basic example. It allows you to create empty files/folders, drag files into the app from the desktop, and navigate into a folder or preview a file by clicking its name:

Try the (demo) in Firefox 11+

Want to use filer.js’s API with idb.filesystem.js? No problem. 90% of filer.js works out of the box with idb.filesystem.js. In fact, the second demo is a slightly modified version of filer.js’s playground app, showing that the two libraries can work in harmony. \m/

What’s exciting is that both of these apps work in FF, Chrome, and presumably other browsers that implement storing binary data in IndexedDB.

I look forward to your feedback and pull requests!