Hi, I'm Eric.

I'm a Software Engineer, based in California, with a passion for frontend.

At Yahoo, I am leading investments in design systems, frontend modernization, and infra.

At Lyft, I led teams for Design System, Web platform, and Growth. We pioneered new products such as the Rider App PWA, Rentals, and Call A Lyft and drove other investments across the Business, Identity, and Integrity teams.

At Google, worked in Developer Relations on the Chrome team. I focused heavily in open source and led large developer resources like the Google I/O web app, Google Santa Tracker, the Chrome Feature Dashboard, web.dev, and html5rocks.com.

Back in 2011, I authored "Using the HTML5 Filesystem API" to claim that very important O'Reilly cover--an Australian Greyhound.

I started my career as a software engineer at the University of Michigan where I designed apps and APIs for the University's 19 libraries. Go Blue!